Low-Voltage Wiring

Renovating your apartment?  If so, now is likely your only chance to run the wires you will need for all of your entertainment, smart-home, and networking needs.  Do not skimp here.  You can always run the wiring today and add hardware down the road, but there is no going back and running new wires once the walls are closed and everything is painted or wall-papered and beautiful.  

Ensure all of your wires are hidden in the walls and totally invisible.  Hide all of your hardware and cable boxes away in closets or cabinets.  Bury all of those ugly wires and never see one stapled to a baseboard again!

Talk to us about your home, how you plan to use the different spaces, how long you plan to own the apartment, your family and future plans.  We will ensure you are happy for years to come and are not left with regrets a year or two after finishing your expensive and time-consuming renovation

We work with your contractor, architect, designer and millworker to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations

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